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sutton – québec & Dans la rue: A story about kindheartedness

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sutton – québec & Dans la rue: A story about kindheartedness

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Why did we choose Dans la rue as our common cause

Boyce_Cindy_1392Since the very beginning of Sutton (Québec), our franchisees have been actively involved in various social causes. Take for example Mr Jean-Pierre Molia (groupe Sutton – immobilia), who is involved in the Club des petits déjeuners, Mr François Léger (groupe sutton – humania) who participates every year in the fundraising bicycle day Vélo à votre santé and Mr Yvon Cousineau who, year after year, not only participates in the 24 heures de Tremblant and in the Relais pour la vie, but also sponsored the construction of a house in Lanaudière for children with Down’s Syndrome. Obviously, over the past 20 years, we have contributed to many other causes, but until January 2015, none had beneficiated from the Sutton network overall support.

After 20 years, the time has come for us to join together in a common cause. Many people would benefit from our support, and our choice was a tough one to make. We wanted to help everyone and become a social partner at all levels: young people, seniors, women, men, poor people, sick people… But suddenly we were enlightened. We remembered our mission: finding a dream house for our clients. We also remembered our values: loyalty, engagement and collaboration. And this is how we thought of the homeless. This cause regroups everyone we wanted to help. Young people are the future of our society and we strongly believe that everybody must have a roof and a place they call « home ».

On a personal note, our president Mr. Folla and myself know people who didn’t end up in such a precarious situation because they had the chance to have a stable family network, sufficient external financial resources and a good load of love. In fact, I am certain that you also know some people who could or have ended up in the same situation.

When we visited the organisation Dans la rue, we were charmed at first sight. Young people are subjected to discrimination and prejudice. This is even worst for those who do not have proper housing or fixed addresses! We expected a chaotic environment: a cafeteria where some would fight over who’s first in line. We had it all wrong. They were sharing this environment with respect and support. They were caring. We encountered shy smiles and heard many thanks. We were charmed.

With a network of more than 2200 brokers, we still had to convince them to join the cause. Our goal was not to get the commitment of 2200 brokers. But you know what? When we see our brokers volunteer to help these young people and wonder how they could do more, we know we made the right choice. We are wishing a long life to this rewarding partnership. Thanks to all of our franchisees who committed to the cause and more specifically, thanks to all Sutton brokers and their clients, through which money is given to the cause with purchases and sales.


Julie Gaucher, B.A.A., M.Sc. Finance
Vice-president & Head of operations

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