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Want to get involved or start your own community project and / or charity but you need some inspiration? Here are some ideas to help you get involved:

  1. Learn aboutthe causes to whichsome people in yourofficeget involved andjointhem!
  1. Learn aboutthe causesespoused byother Sutton offices in theprovinceand runthis projectin your office…why notmake alittle friendly competition?
  1. Do some researchabout communityorganizations in your areaandlearntheirThey mighttell you theyneed volunteersor donations(food, clothingor money).
  1. Makedonations tocharities thatare dear to you. Looking foran idea? Our SUTTON – QUEBEC SPIRIT logo presentedin the upper leftindicatesa causethat is featuredthis..
  1. Sponsorassociations orteams that doan activitythat you enjoy.

Once you have found your cause, decide on what scale and how you want to get involved. Whatever activity you do surround yourself well when it is necessary and act with ingenuity.

In cases where funds need to be raised, don’t be afraid to get involved … make the first donation, you will be much more credible if you approach people and ask them to contribute. Do not be afraid to ask for help and anyway, these types of projects are so much more rewarding when done as a team! Remember to solicit everyone and make a list of where you spend your own money; they will necessarily be more inclined to contribute. Find beautiful and original activities to attract the attention and contribution of people. Once everything is complete, you will see that every effort was well worth it!


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