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At Sutton – Quebec, we are realtors at heart and we also have at heart this will to strengthen and improve the lives of people in the community. This desire is what we call the SUTTON – QUEBEC SPIRIT. Our franchisees, brokers and administrative staff based in our offices across Quebec and Ottawa are finding moments in their already full schedule to give back and we want to honor them through this site.

By putting up fundraisings, direct sponsorships, relays and more, members of the great Sutton family spread the Sutton – Quebec Spirit in the heart of their community. Take time to read these inspiring and often touching stories of kindness in our Blog or view the Events section to be on the lookout for various events organized to share the Sutton – Quebec Spirit.

If you want to share a story reflecting the Sutton – Quebec Spirit, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can honor these acts of kindness. On behalf of the Sutton family, we raise our hats to the holders of the Sutton – Quebec Spirit throughout Quebec and Ottawa, and we encourage them to continue along this path. With all our hearts, we say BRAVO!

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